Block Unwanted Third Party Twitter Apps From Accessing Your Twitter Account

You must have tried many twitter applications till now. And whenever you try a new twitter application, you have to click on the big blue ‘Allow’ button to give your twitter account’s access to that app.

Once you give the access to your twitter account to any app, its forever until you manually remove it. To keep your twitter account safe, you must revoke the access of these third party twitter applications from your twitter account.

Get started by going to Profile > Edit Your Profile > Connections or simply click this link to go to Connections tab. You’ll be surprised to see how many apps have complete access to your twitter account.

Now find out the apps that you are not using any more, and click on the revoke access button one by one for each of these apps.

Now your account is probably safe. I suggest you to repeat this procedure every few days to keep your twitter account safe and secure.

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