Tips and Tools To Backup Your Twitter Data

Twitter is the most popular micro blogging social network and almost everyone is on twitter these days.

When we find something interesting online, the first thing we do is to tweet it. Since you joined twitter, you must have shared hundreds of useful links, videos, images etc. on twitter. So its probably a good ideas to backup all your twitter data to be safe.

Tools To Backup Twitter Account Data

Online Tools To Backup Twitter Data: The best way to backup all your tweets, friends, followers on twitter is to export all of it to your computer using an online tool. Some of the good ones are listed below.

TweeTake: Just login using the twitter OAuth and you can instantly select what you want to backup from your twitter data. You can backup your tweets, followers, following, favorites, DMs etc. The backup data is exported as an excel file. This service is completely free.

BackupMyTweets: Works just like TweeTake. Authenticate and take backup. Its a freemium service, which means you get limited features for free but you must pay to get all features and support. Offers free 1 GB data backup for 1 year which should be more then sufficient for most twitter users.

Backupify: Its not a twitter specific service as it offers Gmail backup, Facebook backup etc. You must register here to start using Backupify. This service is free.

TweetBackup: This service also asks for your email id before you get the twitter backup. Once setup, it sends you daily backup of your twitter data.

Tweet Scan: Works just like the twitter backup tools listed above. Allows you to backup your twitter data from December 2007. Data is exported in CSV format. Tweet Scan is also a free service.

Desktop Software To Backup Twitter Data:

Friend Backup: A java based twitter backup tool. You must have Java version 6 installed to use this tool. The export format is CSV file which you can open using Microsoft Excel.

Twitter Backup: This tool lets you download and save all your twitter data in XML format. The tool is available as a free download.

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Post Your Tweets To Delicious Automatically is a free service that monitors your twitter stream and when you post a tweet containing a link, it automatically bookmarks it on your delicious account. Its a great service to preserve the links you share on twitter, but if you want to save everything your did on twitter, then you better use one of the tools listed above.

Manually Backup Your Twitter Archive

To get a backup of all your twitter status updates, open this link after replacing USERNAME with your twitter user name. You’ll get a backup of all your tweets instantly in XML format.

Backup Link:

If you know about any other way to backup the data on twitter, then do share it with us using the comments form below. We will update this post after reviewing your idea.

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