24 Most Useful Shortcuts For Google Reader

Google reader is probably the most popular feed reader, helping us to track multiple blogs and websites easily. However, as you subscribe to more and more feeds, it becomes difficult to handle so many updates.

I have collected some of the best google reader shortcuts and cheats which will instantly improve your skill with google reader, saving you a lot of time.

Google Reader Shortcuts

stoggle starstars the selected item
shift-stoggle shareshares the selected item
mmark as read/unreadswitches the read state of the selected item
j/kitem down/upselects the next/previous item in the list
space/shift-spacepage down/upmoves the page down/up
n/pscan down/upin list view, selects the next item without opening it
oopen/close itemin list view, expands or collapses the selected item
enteropen/close itemin list view, expands or collapses the selected item
ttag an itemopens the tagging field for the selected item
vview originalopens the original source for this article in a new window
shift-amark all as readmarks all items in the current view as read
1expanded viewdisplays the subscription as expanded items
2list viewdisplays the subscription as a list of headlines
rrefreshrefreshes the unread counts in the navigation
shift-n/pnavigation down/upselects the next/previous subscription or folder in the navigation
shift-xnavigation expand/collapseexpand or collapse a folder selected in the navigation
gtgo to tagallows you to navigate to a tag by entering the tag name
gugo to subscriptionallows you to navigate to a subscription by entering the subscription name
utoggle full screen modehides and shows the list of subscriptions
?keyboard shortcuts helpdisplays a quick guide to all of Reader’s shortcuts
shift-onavigation open subscriptionopens the item currently selected in the navigation
ghgo to homegoes to the Google Reader homepage
gago to all itemsgoes to the "All items" view
gsgo to starred itemsgoes to the "Starred items" view

I hope I have covered all cheats and hacks for google reader. If you know any other shortcut or cheat that’s not listed here, then please use the comments form below to share.

Note – There are some more shortcuts listed here, but I didn’t list them above because I don’t think that they contribute much in improving your productivity with google reader. They are just a way of doing things with keyboard instead of mouse. Still, check it out in case you find some nugget that I may have missed.

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