2 Ways To Insert Copyright Symbol in Photoshop

If you are looking for a way to type copyright symbol in Photoshop, then here are two quick ways to do that.

1. Use Custom Shape Picker To Insert Copyright Symbol

Photoshop comes preloaded with special characters and symbols like copyright symbol (©), registered symbol (®), trademark symbol (™) etc. To access these symbols open the custom shape tool (see the image below). Then click on the Shape thumbnail in the Options Bar. There you will find all the special symbols you need. Just click on anyone to insert it in your Photoshop document.

2. Type Copyright Symbol Directly From Keyboard

Just hold the Alt key, and then type 0169 using the number pad on your keyboard, and then leave the key. You’ll get a copyright symbol instantly.

Important: Copyright laws can be quite daunting so make sure to give proper credit to the owner/creator and avoid potential risks to your business.

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